If you could pick another company besides Fromsoft to make Dark Souls...

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Soul Sacrifice looks to be quite fun, and has quite a bit of style working for it. Too bad it's a Vita game though.
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What could go wrong?
You were indicted
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Lodiss posted...

What could go wrong?

"I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me." -Cao Cao
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kojima/konami i like how they tend to put out good quality products.
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Why would I want to? Why fix what isn't broken? From Software's been doing a good job on their own. Let them continue.
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The company that made the Original Ninja Gaiden on the NES I think Techmo.
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Valve, even if it would take 6 years
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R1masher posted...

Oh damn, I'd be amped up. You know Pepsi is the amalgation of several different companies that still try to compete with one another even though they're all Pepsi Co companies? Pepsi Co is trying to rectify that issue but its slow going as some of those companies were long time competitors prior to being bought out by Pepsi Co.