If you could pick another company besides Fromsoft to make Dark Souls...

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Now that Disney owns the rights to Star Wars I'm already experiencing a bit of trepidation about what might happen to games currently in development like 1313. Corporations aren't always the kindest when it comes to allowing artistic vision and risk. XD
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Hammerpoint Interactive. With Sergey Titov as the lead developer.
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lol ask all the dragon age fans series is dead in the water after part 2.

I don't know why everyone is fussing. Dragon Age 2 was a huge step up from the original.

Perhaps in your opinion, but there is no denying that many people, perhaps even a majority of DA:O fans were dissapointed.

Another poster already mentioned some of the common complaints of DA2 and I would have to agree with everything that they said.

I'm still going to buy DA3. Bioware has had its ups and downs, and EA no doubt makes things worse, but I'm still willing to give them a chance with DA3. Hopefully, it will come close to being as awesome as Origins was or perhaps even better.

But thats just my opinion. No need to go spreading it around.
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Did anyone else play Vagrant Story before they got Dark Souls? I was hoping the Dark souls counter system was a deep as it is in Vagrant Story, where you're able to pick 3 defensive abilities that alter the damage you receive in certain ways.


I was playing Vagrant Story on the PSP, got bored halfway through - needed something more modern, & Dark Souls had just released a few days before. A few people had been comparing Vagrant Story to Dark Souls on Gamefaqs at that time.

TLDR; Playing Vagrant Story persuaded me to buy Dark Souls
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From software was there in the ps1 era, and they did make hardcore dungeon crawlers.
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From software was there in the ps1 era, and they did make hardcore dungeon crawlers.

But it had the horrid skyrim style fps type battle system... which just isnt... fun.
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