My friend suggested I buy this game, and its terrible.

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3 years ago#51
No you're terrible TC!
No more Tom foolerey
3 years ago#52
Mactation posted...
You're playing FF7 and can't get through this? Dude, just limit break everything. None of the bosses here can withstand omnislash from your greatsword.

lol /topic.
3 years ago#53
Shoulda done your research son.
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3 years ago#54
Take it back to wherever you got it from, make up some lame (but believable) excuse explaining why you must return DS and replace it with a 360 copy, mail that 360 copy to me.

Problem solved. :)
3 years ago#55
Not relying on the lock-on will save your ass in PvP.
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3 years ago#56
I like the game and the controls take a bit to get used to but the UI is garbage... sorry but that's my opinion.
3 years ago#57
TC, if you posted "I'm terrible at the controls" nobody would give two ****s.

You're bad. Not the controls. Take time and learn.
For the record, I don't play shooters either, and I think the controls work fantastically.
3 years ago#58
GrapeKiwi posted...
Cvdf3 posted...
TC please explain to me your problem with the controls. Not being a jerk, I just honestly want to know what you find unplayable.

I keep honestly pushing square to fight (Ive been playing JRPG's nearly most of my life) That's all I ever play. my friend suggested hey, get this game, its hard but fun. I thought why not. Also, the targeting button being R3 is so clunky too. I'd much rather have it be L1 or L2, and have my parry Guard moved to triangle circle. Im just used to your combative moves being on the X [] () /\, not L1/L2/R2/R1 if that makes sense. and its not that im terrible at the game or "not getting it" Im just really used to these controls. reaaaaally used to them :S

So you think that they're terrible because it's not the same control scheme that you're used to. Fantastic logic there.

Controls are perfect, stop your whining.
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3 years ago#59
Get good kid, you're nothing.
3 years ago#60
I love how 90% of the people in this topic are unbearable douches...
Souls community at it's finest
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  3. My friend suggested I buy this game, and its terrible.

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