My friend suggested I buy this game, and its terrible.

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Read his whole thing,and since this is my first post here it gives me a bad impression,truefully it did of the souls community...Until he said hes blaming the controls for most of its problems.I have to memorize controls from totally different genres,the only 2 alike are fps and dark souls. Point is,these controls were fairly easy gettting used to,but whats bugging me is the fact that you expect us to do something,we cant change the controls and if your here to complain so be it, i considered returning this game after first hour,mostly due to me looking up a guide abot how to get to undead burg.Beating the taurus demon without a guide felt satasfying. If you dont like the ame ou have your own opinion,dont try to force it onnus and yes,i do love kingdom hearts. The main prob is summoning not controls.
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casuls lol

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One thing i could never understand is how are you supposed to run while controlling the camera and, if a hollow appears, do a running slash... all without dropping the controller.

Anyway, your complaint seems sincere but the thread title is really trollish and that's why people are getting upset.
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^try using chin