Is Demon's Souls easier than Dark Souls?

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4 years ago#11
Magic in Demon's Souls makes it easy mode.

It is actually easy to beat the game @ SL1 with magic.
4 years ago#12
So there is no limit for "flasks". That's good to hear! So since its fast paced, does everything end quickly? Hack n slash type of thing?
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4 years ago#13
I guess I'll go with the easy route first. Magic all the way.
You mirin' brah?
4 years ago#14
Phophenomenon posted...
So there is no limit for "flasks". That's good to hear! So since its fast paced, does everything end quickly? Hack n slash type of thing?

I don't know about fast paced.

And no - there is no limit. In fact, both magic replenishment & health replenishment items are droppable from enemies and purchasable.

In that aspect? Definately easier.
4 years ago#15
Oooooo I'm so excited!
You mirin' brah?
4 years ago#16
The major thing you'll have to get used to is the carry weight. That is probably the biggest (and best) change from Demon's to Dark. So, just know how much more you can pick up and don't be afraid to stop in a level go back to an archstone deposit your stuff with Thomas and go back.
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4 years ago#17
I played it second and found it much easier (hundreds of deaths vs <20?). Playing it first is probably one of the reasons why, but even now I'd rate S&O and two of the DLC bosses harder than Maneater. Ifrit (demon something was it?) wasn't as tough as I thought he'd be and none of the other bosses are all that difficult. The DPs can be tough, but if you get good at rolling... also things are even more broken in DeS than DkS, you can cheat just about anything (all the DP's, something with Maneater) from what I've hear.

It felt like a much better game though, I enjoyed the bosses a lot more (all of World 1's especially) and the game play felt a lot more fluid. Dark Souls basically yells at you to parry and backstab pretty much everything into submission (backstabs, especially are more difficult to pull off in DeS) which does make the levels in DeS harder, and the enemies are typically quicker and more difficult to punish. That said I find the real difficulty of the games comes from the bosses and in DeS' case the DPs. I find DkS harder in this regard. Also infinite heals (though 20 isn't a large step down), infinite magic, auto-life, etc.

Rambling aside, you'll enjoy DeS a lot if you liked DkS. They share a lot of positive elements after all. I also doubt you'll struggle with DeS after playing DkS, but it will still keep you on your toes.
4 years ago#18
CharonDynami posted...
Phophenomenon posted...
What are some ways you can get cheesy in Demon's Souls? And is online still up for that game?

Well it's been a long time since I played it so they probably fixed it. But you could shoot the one Maneater to death before going through the gate. And I forget the boss name but it reminded me of Ifrit from FFX (boss of 2-2) had a pathing problem where you could hit him with a spear from one side and he couldn't hit you (mostly). But there really isn't much you can do in the game that is too cheap as far as normal equipment.

You can kill most things with ranged attacks from outside their aggro range, including many bosses.
4 years ago#19
From the videos I've seen it looks like the riposte window lasts forever.
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4 years ago#20
Harder in the general game because there are no bonfires, but you use herbs to heal and you can carry hundreds if you want.

The bosses I found were easier in Demon Souls, there were a number of them that were easy to beat with either melee, magic, or arrows.

Overall Dark Souls could be more difficult because magic and fire is limited, and archery is more useful in Demon Souls.

I'd say the game in total Dark Souls is more challenging, but Demon Souls is more frustrating. Usually if you do die there is not that far to go in Dark Souls, but in Demon Souls you have to repeat an entire level.

Also, Demon Souls is confusing with the tendency, I strongly suggest you consult a Wiki or you will for sure miss stuff.
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