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4 years ago#1
I've been at the Artorias door for the last 3 hours helping people kill both Kalameet and Artorias. I'm SL 76 and i'm getting summoned every 1-3 mins so it's very quick.

My problem is, I still need to kill Kalameet myself and I can't seem to find any signs around the Artorias boss door to invite people, am I doing something wrong?
4 years ago#2
You won't see summon signs while yours is down.
4 years ago#3
Some people put signs down by Kalameet's fog door too. Try writing "Need Tail" or something. Or just message one of the people you helped, I'm sure they wouldn't mind returning the favor.
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4 years ago#4
Also, you have to be human...
You were indicted
4 years ago#5
Yeah i'm human and I don't have my sign out now and still not a single sign is appearing which is strange. Is there a way to refresh the server at all?
4 years ago#6
That's not strange I'm at the same level and I don't see them ether.
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4 years ago#7
Is the SL reqiurements for getting summoned different to finding summons? Also, what is a good Lv to find summons for Kalameet?
4 years ago#8
Or alternatively, is there anyone around that SL that can help now? Hopefully getting the tail too?
4 years ago#9
The fact that you are being summoned so quickly would suggest there aren't many people of that level co-oping in the area, or you would have competition.
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