From 1-10 rate your PvP skills

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4 years ago#11
ehh 4-5 I have good days, and if i actually spent enough time to make a nice build and give myself more practice i could probably be pretty good. I know all of the pvp tricks but i don't implement them very well.
4 years ago#12
6. Maybe 6.5 on a good day. Maybe.
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4 years ago#13
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4 years ago#14
6-7ish? I tend to dominate in melee vs melee matches, but when i face a pyromancer...askjdfhkasdjhfgasdf
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4 years ago#15
I dont backstab btw, only parry...

Backstab is stupid as all hell.
"Ya know?" Wakka FF X and X-2.
4 years ago#16
Just 0
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4 years ago#17
I do quite well....either 6 or 7 :)

Still not good enough for parries nor skilled enough to home in on people with more range. TWOP traps also still get me because I got to dependent on rolls and suck in predicting when to parry as the only means of defense when trapped (most of the time I escape though but it is hard to do in Oolacile when they basically cast in front of you while spawning)
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4 years ago#18

10. My PvP skills are a complete 10. Full marks. Perfect and flawless. I am Master of PvP.


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4 years ago#19
If the fight is short, I probably won. If it's long I'm gonna get backstabbed, it's gonna happen.

4 years ago#20
Well, if the grade would be the percentage of won fights, 1 winning 10% and 10 is 100%, then on my 'serious' characters it would be between 6 and 8, on the less serious ones it could be anywhere
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