The reason why dark souls needs to die

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leet_x1337 posted...
Relevant if not already posted. If it is already posted, then I second it:

Love it.
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LOL Another person that comes to the forums of a game that they don't even like, just for the sake of sounding cool by bashing it.
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Why isn't this topic about pancakes yet?
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An opinion of an actual critic I believe in when he talks about the game. Played it, and hated the game. Not just because I don't like it, but because I was lied to for everything it was supposed to be but wasn't.
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CaptainSackboy posted...
LOL Another person that comes to the forums of a game that they don't even like, just for the sake of sounding cool by bashing it.

This tends to happen on the boards of just about every good game. This type of stuff also happens on the Demon's Souls, Mass Effect, Persona, Pokemon, Valkyria Chronicles, etc..

Making extremely long posts about your hatred of a videogame is not cool, it's just a waste of time and effort when that energy can be used to finding the cure for cancer instead. :/
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replicax77 posted...
Why isn't this topic about pancakes yet?

Pancakes are my favorite food.

Pancakes are way better than listening to a crybaby complain about a game that he does not even have to acknowledge the existence of, much less play.
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This guy probably couldn't find the cure for a headache in Walgreens. He's not going to cure cancer any time soon.
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Oh look, this person actually thinks that their opinion means anything. That's just adorable.

Back when I was a kid you know what we did when we didn't like a game? Brace yourself because this is a doozy. We didn't play it. And we didn't make a poster on our school bulletin board explaining why we don't like it.

Just because you have a mass media outlet does not automatically mean you are entitled to share your opinion with everyone.

No one cares.
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CaliberChamp posted...
I'm no troll. Look at how much karma I have. And I'm 28. I been playing games longer than most people here. Wrong and wrong you are. Just giving my honest opinion of the state of this game and I have what I have in my Sig so others will be saving their time and money on games that are very over rated and games that take advantage of people like the war z.

320 karma isn't that much...That argument would have been valid if you had at least over 1000...
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The karma argument is never valid. There are idols/sages/whatever that are complete morons who just post too much/troll all day.
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