What's the deal with bows in pvp?

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pumpkinpizza posted...
I have a sl 299 and 45, if anyone good with a bow wants to show me it's effectiveness I'm game.

If a sl 125 can invade through red stone then im game.
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cowdisciple posted...
pumpkinpizza posted...
I have a sl 299 and 45, if anyone good with a bow wants to show me it's effectiveness I'm game.

Watch video of someone good using one - I watched a couple of PeevePeeverson's the other day, and I swear he does more damage with that stupid bow than anything else.

There's really nothing to it. You just have to predict how people move and manually aim where they're going be. I've actually stunlocked someone from a distance with headshots and killed him, with a Composite Bow of all things.
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I was about 10 posts deep in this thread before I realized it was about things with strings that shoot arrows and not bending at the waist.
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pumpkinpizza posted...
Unless you're too far away to bs somebody who's healing or casting, I don't see the point. Anyone with half a brain will just roll or step to the side until the shooter gets bored.

Its mostly to bait your opponent. And if someone is panic rolling all over the place, I'll be able to land some arrows in on them.

Also, try late-locking arrow shots, meaning you lock on at the moment the arrow fires for better tracking. The same goes for spells.

For example, I pull a composite bow out and start shooting, the other guy thinks he can just rush me down, he runs in with a predictable running R1 attack that gets parried.

Also, vs defensive players, if might make them back off enough where you can safely setup a weapon buff, or throw up a spell like pursuers, and be out of range for them to be able to move in and roll-BS you.

Also I can do 600 damage or so with a bow shot using power within, suddenly that bow damage goes from being a joke to hitting like a mac truck.
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A build like this would do a lot of damage with bows:


I wouldn't recommend that for new players, but someone good with a bow and backstabs + parries could **** people up with that. And yes, Hornet's ring buffs head shot damage with a bow. Someone is gonna be like wtf just happened to 1/2 my health bar, and wtf is he shooting?