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What was the hardest boss for you?

#1RWA1987Posted 1/16/2013 5:36:04 PM
Going through the game, which boss gave you the most troubles. I know there was that one boss that pissed you off so much.

For me it would have to be the Capra Demon. Its not like it was that hard but first time through I kept dying even before dogs were dead. Also was super annoying when I died to run through Undead Burg again.
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#2HeavensEndPosted 1/16/2013 5:37:47 PM
Super Ornstein.

To this day I don't know why.
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#3Cvdf3Posted 1/16/2013 5:38:34 PM
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#4zyrax2301Posted 1/16/2013 5:39:46 PM
Since my SL1 run, Manus. Ornstein and Smough were a wake-up call, he was a f***ing nightmare.
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#5Nilson6190Posted 1/16/2013 5:40:25 PM
O&S wrecked my s*** during my first playthrough I haven't died anywhere near that much any other time or at any other boss. They legitimately made me a far better player
#6sonicpower22Posted 1/16/2013 5:42:55 PM
does Bed of Chaos count?
#7TILlegion777Posted 1/16/2013 5:46:23 PM
Gaping Dragon.

Don't know why, I couldn't explain it if my life depended on it.

I can solo O&S np, roflstomp Arty and Sif, take out Manus without that much trouble. Gaping kicks my a** though.
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#8RWA1987(Topic Creator)Posted 1/16/2013 5:46:30 PM
Bed of chaos counts. S&O were awful but by that time in the game I got smart and summoned like 2 people to help. Funny thing is it took my third try with that many helpers to beat it.
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#9AsellusaPosted 1/16/2013 5:46:46 PM
NG+ Super O.

Solaire couldn't handle it. :(
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#10Sackboy_Posted 1/16/2013 5:50:41 PM
Taurus Demon.