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4 years ago#1
After ringing the first bell I was a little unsure of where to go. Remembering the fella sitting at Firelink Shrine said there were two bells, one up top and one down below, I figured I had to head past the skeletons into whatever waits beneath. That's down below, right?

Before I went there, I wandered around the forest and many other places looking for a green ember to get a divine weapon, because I had some trouble with skeletons early on and didn't think I'd be able to make it. I didn't find any green ember, so decided, to hell with it, I'll try my best.

I make it to the catacombs and find out I have to kill the necromancers to stop the skellies respawning, so my tactic for this area was run past everything until I find the necromancer and kill him, then deal with the skeletons. It worked. I managed to get to pinwheel and absolutely destroyed that mother. The motorcycle skeletons scared the hell out of me.

So, after a bit of dying and looking around I figure I have to wander into the darkness after the pinwheel area. Somehow, in the pitch blackness, I make it aaaaall the way to the bottom of the giant's tomb where that orange glowing light door is, but I couldn't pass it. So, I'm stumped. At this point, after dying (again) from one of the giant dog skeletons, I see on the loading screen I can use one of the two skull lanterns I have to light up the place (I got one dropped from a necromancer in the catacombs beforehand).

After looking around for a million years and losing many souls, I decided, f this hole, and googled if that's where I was meant to be after the first bell. As you probably know, it certainly wasn't. So then, I had to my fight my way aaaall the way back to the top.

Goddamn, that was an adventure and a half! Oh and on the way down I killed the guy who kicked me off the ledge because he is a dick. This game is cray.

The End.
4 years ago#2
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4 years ago#3
So its true. People really do say cray?! WTF planet Earth???

That's a good story. The area after Pinwheel is probably late late game. You got lucky to get a lantern drop. The necromancers don't respawn.

I think it would've been more interesting to kill the necromancers than have divine weapons work the way they do. But the skeletons respawn would have to take longer and give you enough time to run out of sight. Unfortunately the necromancers are not a lot of fun if you shoot them full of arrows. I decided to play Dark Souls as an archer because the Hunter set is the only starting one that I could bear to wear from head to toe. Its unfortunate when the AI just stands there taking arrows. But I wanted to do more with arrows for a change after Demon's Souls.

My serious troubles with the game other than the god awful control scheme and play mechanics that is ****ty at best once mastered. Is there should have been dev messages to make it clear that you can summon NPCs to help with the bosses. There is no other incentive to play as non-"hollow" other than getting invaded if that is your cup of tea, so chances are you will try to beat the early bosses as a hollow, in which case they are very difficult. Pinwheel seems especially difficult without the Paladin backup you are rewarded with for thoroughly exploring the area.

Unfortunately with the NPC help the bosses are all too easy. With the exception of the "Gaping Dragon" where the NPCs just don't play well against the AI they tend to be able to beat the bosses without your help. There is no happy medium.
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4 years ago#4
EDITED: Doesn't help that the "Need Life" and even "Need Humanity" (fairly ambiguous) are really inadequate to hint about NPC spawn points. But that is a point that should be made plain whether the player is on or offline. I can see why the clerk told me that Dark Souls doesn't fetch a good price because most people return it back to the store saying it was too hard to play. Which is something I didn't even realize was a thing.
About Me: I'm pushing 30. I could be your dad.
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4 years ago#5
What's Pinwheel even meant to do? I just ran up to him and slashed him to death. He disappeared and reappeared once or twice but that's about it.

Also I guess I was lucky with the lantern drop, but then I didn't even realise I could use it until I was already at the bottom of the tomb of the giants. I had two lanterns by this point, somehow.
4 years ago#6
TC, and that will probably be one the best experiences you have in the game. My virginal trek into the catacombs was awesome. Scary, frustrating and tense. And you know that point in you game when you think to yourself, "Do I press on, or do I try to make my way back?"
man, good times.
4 years ago#7
Man great story ;_;7

I'd do anything to get that experience again when i first played the game...
Good times.. And hard =_=''
4 years ago#8
Anyone know if Pinwheel's doubles can attack when Pinwheel is getting beat on? In other words do all of the doubles fire in unison with him? Or can they all fire independently?
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4 years ago#9
I love that story as well. Sounds typical of the whole souls genre the situations you find yourself are pretty unique if you don't pour over the wiki like it's a religion (which is easy to do once you do start getting deep into new game plus)

In my first play through at a very low SL Level, I found myself in Blighttown with no upgraded weapons, a useless Drake Sword, cursed and out of every item imaginable. The only way to escape is to go deeper. I eventually made it out by myself cursed and alone and it was one of my favorite experiences of the game. Let's just say by the time I came back to Blight Town that Chaos Witch didn't last long.
4 years ago#10
You guys need to branch out in all directions a little more :)

When you are cursed you are given instructions in big letters about how to cure yourself. I bet most players curse themselves on purpose for the first time.

I think I finally gave up and consulted the Internet when I just could not out maneuver the goat head demon and had nowhere else to go. If I'd known about going under 25% I could've beaten him. But I ended up just equipping the Stone set as if he is a tutorial on poise. Somersaults are pretty ridiculous anyway.

That's when I learned that you can summon NPCs for all of the bosses and then the game was way too easy and really opened up. I think From' really failed. Maybe the idea is to sell guides, but that is no kind of game play experience.
About Me: I'm pushing 30. I could be your dad.
Quote: It's a fecal matter. Stay out of it.
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