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Bandai Namco filed a DMCA complaint to get DSFix 2.3 taken down. (Archived)Dabrikishaw15512/24 1:53AM
What ... just happened? (Archived)
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everlasting dragons theory (SPOILER) (Archived)
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SL 17 and looking for co-op in Tomb of the Giants (Archived)DarkAthanasy112/23 7:46PM
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It's that time - Santa Builds: 2014 Edition (Archived)cronotis312/23 6:01AM
Dark Souls Q&A Thread. (Archived)
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Did I mess up terribly? (Archived)DarkAthanasy612/22 4:20PM
Hornet Ring damage testing (Archived)Gixen312/22 11:39AM
Remember the time you got parried by a skeleton? (Archived)
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Crap... (Archived)
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what did we learn after visiting darkroot garden and darkroot basin? (Archived)Vikilla4V812/22 3:38AM
Help with Four Kings at SL 14 (Archived)DarkAthanasy412/21 3:49PM
Can anyone help me beat Lord Gwyn on ng+ (Archived)OwenJoel312/21 4:06AM
Lore help; some random stuff? (Archived)SoulsFanatic312/20 6:10PM
ng+ kinda broken i guess (Archived)
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What's your favorite chaining technique? (Poll)
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Just got this for $5.50 on PC (Archived)tritiumrain812/20 11:37AM
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