Ornstein & Smough help SL15 NG+

#1GixenPosted 1/22/2013 12:39:07 PM
If anyone´s up for it place your sign at the fog gate. Ornstein first as I already got his armor since first playthrough. Besides, I´m going for the cheap bow-behind-a-pillow tactics as he one-hit kills me melee....
#2LivesPosted 1/22/2013 12:40:05 PM
I'd help if I was home right now :P Send me a PM with your PSN ID anyhow.
#3Gixen(Topic Creator)Posted 1/22/2013 12:43:03 PM
PSN: Gixen99
#4Gixen(Topic Creator)Posted 1/22/2013 2:03:39 PM
Got them! :)