Nito.. Too easy?

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3 years ago#11
I cleared that room on my first time through, but I climbed up that ladder at the bottom and kept jumping down and doing falling attacks >< It scared the living hell out of me!!
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3 years ago#12
Tetsumari posted...
Aggro all of the skeletons in that room if you want it to be harder.

Always do that. They then become an easy target for plunge attack, or with some training you can great chaos fireball them all at once. No other way to quickly farm some Murakumos.

And there are 7 of them, not 10.
3 years ago#13
i thought he was moderately tough on my first playthrough --not using divine weapons and getting oil checked by the gravelord spell
3 years ago#14
he killed me once the first time I fought him though I beat him on the second try.

I didn't have a divine weapon, but Nito was kind enough to beat the crap out of his own skellies making him even easier than he should be.

I really wish he was harder to be honest. He is actually one of my favorite characters.
3 years ago#15
He's just easy compared to other Dark Souls bosses. He can still be a very hard challenge, depending on your gear.
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