I am trading weapons for souls...

#1SophaerLamPosted 1/25/2013 9:29:03 AM(edited)
How does it work for souls? and for item in general with a online player, can I delete my patch file and exploit the snuggly infinite item trade?
#2AlltraPosted 1/25/2013 10:27:15 AM(edited)
I'm not entirely sure I understand the question, but....

If you're trading Souls or Items to other players, all you do is drop the items on the ground, and the other player can pick them up.

No, you can't delete the Patch File to exploit the Snuggly Glitch. You'd need to delete your character files to do that unless you never patched the game ever. This is because the patch data is associated with your game save, and if you reset the patch to a lower version the game won't let you access the saves with more recent patch data.
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what about yhe souls you gain by killing normal foes?