I'm not really sure what everyone likes about this game so much...

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haha I can't believe people are posting serious responses.
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EWGF posted...
Aspergers/10 posts.
In 2011+2 (?).

Trusting a guy named Zipperbars and and anyone who recommends Recommended games: Guild Wars 2/Skyrim/Arkham City/Brutal Legend. Pls go frown syndrome.

All of those games except Brutal Legend are good. You shut your filthy internet fingers.
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Zennou posted...
All of those games except Brutal Legend are good. You shut your filthy internet fingers.


1. Arkham City = Unfocused Arkham Asylum with more constant samey locales, forgettable bosses, worse pacing, etc. Sucks, because I wanted it to be good. I loved AA... it's one of my favorite neo-AAA games.

2. Any MMORPG ever being good, ever... and not some crappy carrot-dangling snoozefest. GW2 with it's particularly bad terrible objective-PvP/leveling.
The constant circlejerk leading up to release about amazing PvP/gameplay being touted to be "The Second Coming of the MMO" ended up backfiring horribly when what everyone got on release day was a title only remarkable because it was so average.
It became The Blunder of 2012. Terrible/pointless rotations with zero depth, weapon-based skills, etc. There's so much wrong in GW2 it's hard to think of what they did right.
Did you even play it? I managed to get a couple characters to like 20 before I stopped playing. Maybe it gets good after 100 hours or something.

- Ever good.

Pick one.
Just confirmed yourself for knowing nothing bout gaems. Where do I start? FPV melee? Terrible 3PV? Proclivity combat mechanics making the game behave randomly? Can't move in relation to an opponent? No Dodge (it wouldn't matter regardless)? Broken trees like Alchemy/Smithing? 3 leveling stats? Terrible story/dialogue delivered by rigid plank-like NPCs?

Or the worse offender of all: the ability to move, while attacking.

Look at Devil May Cry, Dark Souls, Fighting Games, Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising. What is something these games associated with fun/reactive combat have in common?

- Your movement is restricted while attacking.

You must properly judge distance and timing in these games. It's a simple principal of depth. Some moves can move you, but typically it's an aimed direction, or with a very limited range of motion, or some restriction is imposed in one way or another.

When you have movement-heavy primary attacking you end up with a very slippery game. This is bi-product of PC designers that have never played a Streetfighter game making an ARPG with a combat system that feels well over a decade dated.
TES has terrible rollerderby-like melee that really just makes the game borderline unplayable.
Instead of making a proper 3rd person view, and proper swing animations that acknowledge spacing, and removing the ability to move-while-swinging... they actually kicked their fans in the nuts by acknowledging their shortcomings: they removed dodge!

They acknowledge it's a useless mechanic in this game, and took it out as one final blow to any RPG player that had ever hoped for a TES game that had not god awful combat.
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