Who is the 2nd best Dark Souls player?

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As all of us know, the best Dark Souls player is obviously Oil_rope_bombs. That's undisputed fact. But who's the SECOND best Dark Souls player out there?
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I'd give it to Oil_Rope_Bombs since I can't think of anyone else who could challenge Oil_Rope_Bombs. The guy's a monster, but I lost some respect for him after I heard he put a point in dex.
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I am.
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with my "SL30 RTSR bellowing-ring dark mage"
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I invaded Oil with my max level loltryhardcutthroatdorkmoon and he destroyed me.

He was lvl1.
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I guess tmk is the only one who might be able to begin challenging orb, if he can't, no one can
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total return swap against libor +165 bps. what do?
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