whats your favorite build?

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User Info: hemphoarder

4 years ago#1
casuals and tryhards unite together and state what your all time favorite build is and why!

mine would be my sunlight blade/power within/hornet/large club build for forest shenanigans. getting butt rushed by too over eager gankers then having the host back the f*** away when I one shot his summon is wonderful.
I couldn't care less...

User Info: Valsari

4 years ago#2
Sunbro Tank build,Abyss Greatsword or Large club and Avelyn Crossbow.
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4 years ago#3

Something like that.
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User Info: orphanjohn

4 years ago#4
Strength/Faith MSGS build:
- Casts Great Magic Barrier and Darkmoon Blade.
- Encounters Dark Bead spam.
- Uses 2H WD R2 > R2 > R1 combo.
- "Well what is it?"

27/45 Gravelord Sword Pyro
- Encounters R1 spammer.
- Stun locks opponent with 2H Gravelord's R1.
- Receives hate mail for R1 spamming.
- Lulz.
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User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#5
I'm leaning towards my GMW Manserpent Greatsword build, not so much because it's good but because the snakefaced lady I made suits it perfectly.
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: moodyjm2

4 years ago#6
50 INT Sorcerer + MLBH Tryhard build. 36 Poise. TCC.

I get reported for supposed stamina modding frequently because I mash 2H R1 to all thse chumps who think circling me with Wolf Ring is a legitimate strategy. The amount of of butthurt this build generates is astounding.
GT: DragonSoundxSG
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User Info: acangial

4 years ago#7
I am legitmately horrible at online games in general because I am old. However, with my latest build I am batting 0.500 in PvP. That is saying a lot for me. INT 50 with Enchanted Claymore & crystal homing soulmass. Some people are having success with persuers, but I have not. I also keep burdening under 25% and use clorinthy ring with grass shield +10. Of course, ring of favor is a no-brainer. Some of these things are n00b and Cazul, but again, I am not that good, so every little bit helps.

I have also had success with the much slower black iron set +5, especially against surprise pyros.
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User Info: KryIon_Kid

4 years ago#8
Right now it's probably DEX/FTH. Dem roll bs'es. Dem wog pivots. Dem bow cancels. Dem dmb+3 ricard's r2s after a parry.
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User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#9
40/45 Straight Sword Pyro
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User Info: Oh_Hello

4 years ago#10
pure Str / Pyro with alt. armors for fast or fat roll.
second favorite pure Faith.
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