16 STR, 45 dex - weapon suggestions!

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Chaos blade
Silver knight spear

Finally a serious answer

These are two of the best. Chaos especially for PvP. Make sure you are sporting 10 humanity. SKS for Catacombs. Level that bad boy up all the way.

Other notables: Great Scythe and Gold Tracer. Don't limit yourself to Dex weapons though. Fire Gargoyle Halberd full upgraded is probably the single best PVE weapon in the game. It's too slow for PvP, but destroys bosses and especially crystal enemies in Duke's.
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Couple of things:

Firstly; thank you all for your responses. I love how helpful this community is.

We're the best, aren't we?

Secondly; what's so bad about the Furysword? Not that I doubt you, mind. I just like to know your reasoning so I can make my own judgements next time.

I kind of like the Furysword. Though it has split damage, so it's not the greatest. A weapon with split damage has to go through two defenses. So they usually end up doing less damage. You'll end up doing more damage using a purely physical weapon and then adding a buff to it.

Thirdly; how bad is the life leech from the Chaos Blade? I don't want to be constantly having to heal myself up. Also, how decent is the Shotel? I know it pierces shields, but is the damage that gets through worth dealing?

It's only 20hp per hit. You'll be fine so long as you don't spam attack. (Though if your opponent isn't very good that's a great way to build bleed. Don't try spamming on a seasoned player though.)

I also use the DST. However, since I'm packing the Eagle Shield I can't use it to parry. It gets some pretty mean back-stabs, though.

I think I'll try out the SKS and CB for now. I'll probably give the Great Scythe a whirl... I've always liked playing with them, when games allow me to. I think I'll give the Flameberge a go too, just to see how the stun-locking is.

It stunlocks just as well as every other greatsword. The poise damage is, IIRC, 36 1 handed, 53 2H. Don't quote me on that though.

Get Fury Sword in NG+. As a Dex player, you will benefit better in PvP with Chaos Blade +10 humanity. Fury Sword is more of a PVE weapon.
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