What do you say to the TV after being a particularly difficult boss?

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2 years ago#11
get good scrub

and spam 'well what is it'
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2 years ago#12
hey coffee still rules ^-^
2 years ago#13
I start screaming, "Oh my God, I was a powered-up Ornstein!?!?! How was that possible!?! It felt so good!!"

Because typos are awesome.
Cheetah Yee-HT Skip-OT no tso-p tsum ooh sen-o eht era s11ort Tenner-ettni laer eht.
2 years ago#14
If I've been stuck on the boss, I usually say something like "Hell yeah, about ******* time."

Usually I just do like a fist pump and go on.
"In a trail of fire I know we will be free again..."
PSN: freakofnature300
2 years ago#15
Well! What is it?
PSN: KingseekerFrampt
2 years ago#16
Cvdf3 posted...
nothing... maybe a smirk

liberal=freedom hating trash=obama they all the same
2 years ago#17
Yeah! That's right, son!
2 years ago#18
Ninjamaster07 posted...
"yeah! AMERICA!" two best friends has conditioned me to do that


You have to pronounce it Amurickuh though.

(\ (O_O) /) Praise the sun!
(edited by xCloudyx)
2 years ago#19
I've been known to stand up, arms wide, and yell out, "F*CK YEAH! SUCK IT MOTHERF*CKER." And then I let out my nest battle cry.

If they've been particularly annoying my language is much more foul.
2 years ago#20
Was expecting to see "you feel good on my dick, girl!!"
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  3. What do you say to the TV after being a particularly difficult boss?

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