Wow, township pvp is a joke.

#11tlnPosted 1/31/2013 1:56:21 AM
As with everything in Dark Souls, it's usually Japanese players doing this. They always try to come up with new ways of griefing other players. The other day I was summoned for co-op in Undead Parish on my SL 12 character, and I was met by a Japanese host bowing to me. I naturally bow back, and suddenly an invader shows up and backstabs me for the kill. The host and the invader, obviously buddies, then start to spam Divine Blessings and the shrug gesture.

The game has been out for so long now that the only enjoyment some people find in the game is to grief others. That's all there is to it...
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TrixtinFamer posted...
LOL at the running away backstab part. Same here bro. WTF is up with dudes outrunning my max speed? Not only that there is a certain sword thrust that can be spammed as I bolt and it gets me everytime.

Again, roll is faster than sprint.
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