big hat logan question!

#1Campbell2185Posted 1/31/2013 8:17:29 PM
Ok so ive obviously googled before asking u guys for help but boy do I need it if I can't find big hat this character is useless. But everyone elses scenario was a bit diff. I cleared sens fortress without rescuing him so I went back and did that right before I fought seath. Problem for me is I didn't actually talk to him before killing seath, I haf read somewhere that killing seath would set him free. Hes not in the cell with the fks or in the library near the cave or in seaths original spot. Anyone know where I may find him? Sorry for kimda long post but figured id give as much info as I could. Thanks in advance!
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Sooo wait - you were captured by Seath before rescuing him in Sen's Fortress?
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I was already captured by seath before rescuing him in sens fortress. when i was in the area playing through, I didn't even see him. saw the item in the back and the locked door and left. :\ have a feeling you're about to tell me i'm doomed for this playthrough
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I dont know as I've never done that, but you did break sequence and when you do that with any other Npc they disappear until the next playthrough. Did you check firelink shrine?
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If you don't rescue him both times, He will be in libary (off from bonfire) where he normally is. (as if rescued)
You have a small window to talk to him, and before he goes poof. (he may or may not show up hollow)

He often will just be going "Mmmmmm" and wont talk to you (he'll skip right to his last few stages of hollow)

I found him once in hollow form, alll other times he just goes poof, and you need retry next game.
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#6Campbell2185(Topic Creator)Posted 2/1/2013 12:07:49 AM
okay so after reloading about 10 times, he magically appears at the library! happier now than i was after any bossfight thusfar