Imagine DKS2 option to change to change cloth/armor color!

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paranormalist posted...
BombayNugz posted...
Souls is about combat. Go play dressup with your barbies somewhere else bruh.

It can be both. Basically just asking for some texture swaps to choose from.

I understand what your saying, but this is a desolate world, driven by the need to survive an overcome impossible odds. It just doesnt add to the game to make fashion more of the focus, it takes away what makes souls souls. Why would a weak fashion tailor survive just to be able to dye undead heroes armor? I just dont like it.
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Simple.....add it to the crafting using color powders....
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or custom some parts off of gear. Explorers body is a cool black Gi underneath the bling. Same with eastern body can remove the stupid lion on the shoulder and would be perfect.
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Maybe the colour could be linked with a defence/offence/aux effect bonus. That way it fits in without being too dress-upy and for pure aesthetics. Yes I just made that word up.
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