Feels like I've done this before...in Demon's Souls

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It seems to me like you didn't Gorgeous View.
Also Dark and Demon's were and are made by From Software, not Bamco.

So how did I get that Assassin's Creed vibe at Anor Londor? If you're talking about the first bell tower, yes I did pause to pan my camera angle around. It is beautiful static art, but once I move my avatar the low res textures take over again. And I think a lot of players spend more time watching the monster designs and their own characters than marveling at the background art, since you need to be on the move to stay alive. Kiln is another atmospheric place, but indoor dungeons, especially Tomb of the Giants where you can't see jack unless you have the skull lantern up? You're very concerned with staying alive than sightseeing.

On the 2nd point, sure my bad. Fixed.

The thing is, I have no idea what developer FromSoftware and publisher NamcoBandai has in store for Drk 2. But I would definitely welcome a change from using the outdated ragdoll physics Havok engine. Upgrade to Unreal 3 or something to keep up with the times.
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Basics are absolutely the same, but dark's mobs are faster, somewhat less stupid (but still stupid as f***), more aggressive and hard-hitting, and weapons are revamped to be much less effective - you cannot solo the game with +5 enchanted uchi like you could easily do with +5 crescent and no legal cheating items like adjudicator's shield.
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Graphics whoring and whiners? Wicked.
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Not really.
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Consider Dark Souls to be the fully polished version of Demon's Souls. It reuses concepts; but the way they do it makes Dark Souls a fresh and damn fine experience.

dark souls wasnt as polished as demons. The director even said so in the interview. They rushed it. I hope dark souls 2 doesnt come out for 3 more yrs.
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Graphics whoring and whiners? Wicked.

You must have missed my opening post where I approve of the removal of world tendencies and the classification of pyromancy as a separate stat which allows players to create builds for both PvE/PvP on the same character. You couldn't do this previously in Demon's, since magic was pretty hard to get right in PvP but hyper mode mages are OP in PvE. Mages were generally considered weak for PvP until someone figured out how to use Ignite.
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akechi419 posted...
dark souls wasnt as polished as demons. The director even said so in the interview. They rushed it. I hope dark souls 2 doesnt come out for 3 more yrs.

Well, except he didn't and considering how many mistranslations there have been of his interviews, the trustworthiness of that in an isolated interview is questionable at best.

On the other hand, he has actually said in multiple interviews that a lot of content for Dark Souls was half-finished content they cut from Demon's Souls because they didn't have time. He also said Demon's Souls was rushed, which is why the end of the game falls apart so badly, because it's missing a bunch of content and they never had time to incorporate replacements.
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I actually LOVE all of dark souls references to demons souls. Too many to easily list. Spoilers and all that.