Opinion on where to go with my abyss build from here?

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4 years ago#1
First off, I am not trying to come off as a noob. I was inspired by the manus catalyst and wanted to make a build after it. I decided to just go off my already existing str hero cause i didnt want to make another whole guy. Halfway through it I'm regretting it a little. I was lead to believe that the magic would be powerful in pvp but I'm worried it wont be. Here is my build so far.


I have two ways I'm thinking of going with it (though feel free to suggest something else)
I could keep leveling up intellect to like 34 or something, then get my dexterity and faith up to wield black knight weapons and abyss greatsword. Idk how good the greatsword is but its pretty freaking cool right?

Or I could just drop intel right now and focus on str and dex and maybe vit.

What do you guys think?
4 years ago#2
Oh and my dark bead does around 800 up close, which is not what i was expecting dmg wise. Is this build a bust? Should I move on?
4 years ago#3
I'd say that build is bust.

Best bet to salvage it would be to take STR INT and END to 40 and figure something out from there.

And take off that mask.
4 years ago#4
Ya after posting this i decided that made to little sense to spread myself so thin. Im going to take end and str and int to 40 and get attunement to 19. Maybe dexterity up if I have enough for that, I didnt check. That way atleast i'll be an effective strint hybrid and not an ineffective str int artorias wanna be.

How is the abyss greatsword by the way?
4 years ago#5
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4 years ago#6
Well Ideally the build is gonna be for lvl 125 pvp which is why im abandoning abyss greatsword
4 years ago#7
Family mask
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