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3 years ago#11
no_step posted...
The problem with pumping DEX, INT, END, and VIT all at once is that you can end up spreading yourself too thin. If you're trying to keep below a certain SL, something's going to have to give, and if you go for all four stats it means limiting your INT in the long run. I ended up keeping DEX low and boosting the other 3.

It used to be that the main cutoffs for INT were either 44 (for Crystal Soul Spear) or 50 (for White Dragon Breath). I personally don't think White Dragon Breath is worth it, and I think I would have stopped at 44 if I did it all over again.

Having enough STR/DEX for the Moonlight Greatsword is important, which means STR 16 and DEX 10, unless you only plan to wield it two-handed. And as Neowww pointed out, the Claymore has the same stat requirements there. (For less experienced players, it also lets you wield the Drake Sword, which is awful handy early-game.)

You'll also want some other weapon to fall back on for areas where there's a lot of stuff resistant to magic damage, like the Duke's Archives. Make sure to have a good lightning/fire/chaos weapon for backup in there. (Lightning Claymore +5 used to be a pretty popular choice.)

Also, it's possible to get a weapon up to Enchanted +4 very early in the game without too much work, as long as you don't mind a bit of farming. You can get plenty of Green Titanite Shards in the Depths and Blue Titanite Chunks from the Crystal Golems in Darkroot Basin, and the Enchanted Ember's nearby in Darkroot Garden.

Very good and informative post :)
Farming is my middle name so I donīt mind...

So whatīs the difference between Enchanted and Magic?
How about the catalysts? Any major difference that I should be aware of?
3 years ago#12
Get dex to 10 no higher! Str to16, int to 44 mlgs stops scaling after that. Get some end for swinging. Pump the rest in vit. It might be a good idea to start with vit and end and later add the int depending how good you can dodge.
3 years ago#13
Dex only increases casting speed from 30 if I'm right, so, the investment will be very high and you will need to sacrifice stamina and be a spammer.
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3 years ago#14
So, about armor (or clothes in this case). Is there any particular for me to go for as a newbie mage except for the Crown of Dusk?

Or should I just put on what looks nice as usual....
3 years ago#15 rare are the blue chunks drop from those crystal golems at the basin? Iīve been running around for 30 min. and not a single drop yet. They DO drop there right? It isnīt a Dukes Archive drop only?
3 years ago#16

Something like this, I guess? You can go up to 50 INT and still only be soul level 121. But you could easily pull 5 points out of INT and put them somewhere else, like attunement or even VIT. Up to you.
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3 years ago#17
The blue titanite chunks do drop there. The drop rate isn't wonderful, but they do drop. Covetous Gold Serpent Ring helps if you've got it, as does 10 humanity.

I tend to use the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring a lot more than the Crown of Dusk. I normally don't use the Crown of Dusk, actually - I don't like how it reduces your magic defense. (It also looks a bit silly, especially on a male character...)

As for armor - as light as I can get away with. On NG+ most of the time I'm running with Sage's Robe, Painting Guarding Waistcloth, Witch's Gloves and a Black Sorceror Hat. Early game, I tend to run with bits and pieces from the Sorceror Set, Black Sorceror Set, and Thief Set. I'd rather be able to get out of the way of the hit than try to absorb it, especially early on when you probably don't have a ton of VIT.
3 years ago#18
Holy crap, this is sick!
Co-oping at Queelag and dealing 1420 damage with Homing Crystal Soulmass +ring+Dusk at SL 39 with int 36.
Jeez, i have never seen 4 digit numbers before.

Man this is fun :)
3 years ago#19
Gixen posted...
Holy crap, this is sick!
Co-oping at Queelag and dealing 1420 damage with Homing Crystal Soulmass +ring+Dusk at SL 39 with int 36.
Jeez, i have never seen 4 digit numbers before.

Man this is fun :)

Welcome to easy modu. Just don't make a rant thread in two weeks about how you should have infinite magic and you had to take a couple swings at a boss on ng++ to kill it and how that's unrealistic. >.>

Pump dex as high as some weapon you want needs (probably just 10), keep str at 16, end +30 for MLGS swinging, int 44, vit gouge. Think about how much att you actually want - having 10 slots isn't useful it's just cumbersome. 19 or 24 att for 5 or 6 slots respectively is probably more than enough. Dex raises cast speed much more modestly on most spells then it does pyro.

As a mage I'd recommend DWGR and bellowing and forgo favor. Being able to make that room quickly is very helpful for a mage and you don't suffer from the 'i just flipdodged 5 times, now i can't attack' of melee characters. Also have wolf next to bellowing so you can switch out if you fight a dwgr and find the need to go full melee with a lightning weapon or something.
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