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Invading in Blighttown is the best (Archived)Vikilla4V54/22 9:53AM
I mistakenly killed Big Hat Logan. (Archived)freeverseartist64/21 9:39PM
So, is the online still active at all? (Archived)
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Today! (Archived)
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PTDE - Is the DLC on the disc? (Archived)-XAN-34/21 10:41AM
Know of any complete video playthroughs? (Archived)pkingdom64/21 4:35AM
Killed undead merchant who sells Repair Powder for Uchigatana (Archived)
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anyone have a spare Ring of Favor and Protection for trade? (i'm SL32) (Archived)burningwithin64/19 11:20PM
How exactly does one git gud? (Archived)
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Crystal Golem in Dukes Archive (Archived)dbvirago34/19 6:18PM
WOW this starts out hard! (Archived)heimdalgc84/19 2:44PM