ill never enjoy any combat/gameplay ever again because ill always compare to dks

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It has intricate combat but to call it a SIM is plain wrong.
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Kyuubi4269 posted...

Go play it.

Honestly, that game doesn't even compare to DaS. The only thing better about it is graphics.
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I felt the same way. But after not playing DkS for 4 months, it really does not bother me anymore. I'm having fun playing all the games I missed during my year+ with DkS.
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Never say never, while dark souls combat feels good and not many games do that right now, there's still the future, Dark souls 2 might be even better and that's part of your never ever again.

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Ill never enjoy the next dark souls game because I will compare it to street fighter x tekken. The combat is so much deeper and more intense, AND strategic there.
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Bayonetta says no.
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sjwho2 posted...
Bayonetta says no.

I do love me some Bayonetta.

Anyways, Dark Souls combat is nice but I can enjoy other styles of games too, Dark Souls or Demon's Souls are nowhere near the best things.
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Not really.
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Mount & Blade.

That's the only melee combat I can compare with DkS that I sometimes like more.
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Koa:r's combat is better IMO
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OmegaShinkai posted...
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The Souls series is definitely the premier melee combat sim

Oh, you!


Do you think that in reality, people can get hit multiple times with greatswords while wearing no armor whatsoever and still be capable of fighting? Dark Souls has no concern whatsoever for where you strike someone, it just relies on stats for damage.

"Stats" aren't going to stop your arm from separating from your body if a large, sharp piece of metal cuts through it.
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