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User Info: ScarletStrider

4 years ago#1
So a bit bored, not sure what to do, so I thought maybe I could offer my coop services for anyone willing.

Basically the idea is, send me a message on PSN (or on here), and with a character that just got into NG+ or NG++ (after Asylum), we can try cooping the whole game.
To me, it beats always summoning different and random people, and it's quite entertaining once you start building up some good teamwork with each other.

We can also join a chatroom on PSN so it's easier to communicate!

FYI The character I'll use will be in the 120-130 level range.
PSN: Tensa_Strider

User Info: Zemurys

4 years ago#2
That sounds like fun! except..... my level is too high :/

Maybe I could try it with my other character?

My PSN is : Talys_Aremus
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