What shield do you use?

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shadowsofdawn posted...
Sunlight shield. If its good enough for Solaire, its good enough for me.

Didn't save him from my fireball to the face.
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ChosenUndead posted...
Havel's Greatshield. Never fails to block anything

It's hilarious when I show up in a world wearing full gold hemmed with havels shield and a manserpent greatsword. They always try to circle behind me and never fail to get smacked by the horizontal sweep of the MSGS. I've won against several gank squads due in part to this shield.
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spider shield for me
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Dragon Shield.
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Grass Crest Shield, doesn't weigh too much and I rarely block so the lack of 100% reduction isn't a big deal and the stamina regen is great.
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I think spider shield is 100% damage reduction becuase I never get damaged when invaded
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Grass Crest Shield- I always pick this up before going through the undead parish to fight the boss there. Stamina regen is a big help. But I will change from Grass Crest to others depending on which boss I'm fighting.

Never really use anything other than Grass Crest Shield, Crest shield, Eagle Shield and Dragon Crest Shield.Oh, and I always switch to bloodshield for a certain boss later on in the game *tries to avoid spoilers*.
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In PvE i mostly use the Grass Crest.
Crest Shield for certain boss-fights, and the Silver Knight Shield for the hard hitters.
Used to go with the Black Knight, but the Silver Knight is both lighter and have more stability. The only time I miss it is for the Gwyn fight due to its fire resistance.

PvP itīs 90% Grass Crest.
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WATAUGACJ posted...
localizedfreedo posted...
Every shield is inefficient.

True, but its hard to setup parry with your fist lol.

Things I hold in my left hand (in order of time in left hand)

Pyro Glove

Things I don't hold in my left hand

Any shield
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