Any tips for beating the final boss?

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After some time playing this game I got to the final boss and, wow, it's very strong especially seeing how the late bosses were all quite easy. I'm playing as a pyromance and I've tried a lot of times but it's still kiking my ass. Any tips on how to beat it?
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Dodge his attacks and hit him with two combustions before he recovers. It will stagger him, so you can make distance and get ready to avoid his next attack.
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Use sorcery. I beat him first time and he never hit me. Didn't even use dark magic :/
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Deified_Data posted...

Then cast DB in his face.
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Use a Black Knight Shield+5, block the first attack and parry the second. Easy.
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I did it with a 2h claymore, use Roll r1 whenever he attacks. He'll never hit you if you time it properly. And if you don't know the invincibility frames on fast roll, just equip DWGR and its pretty much impossible to screw the combo up.
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Seriously great combust/combust his face, he gets stuck in a bunny hop loop if you keep combusting him... Easy cheesy limburger squeegee