Build opinion please.

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PHoToS999 posted...

For dexterity, it only helps your cast speed when it's 40-45, iirc, so it's essentially useless if your build is already made other than to allow you to use Black Knight weapons.

For second, the weapon slots have lh and rh on them, but it makes no difference. You know how to play the game and you're getting what you mean to get.

They say 125 is optimal, and that is the average optimal range. If your build is good at 118, so be it. If you need a few more and end up at 131, so be it.

Onto the build you just gave me:
I like the changes to str and dex though, it allows for a more quality build and allows more damage on the scythe.

Biggest problem: two TCCs. It's redundant and has little to no purpose. I'd advise either replacing it with an enchanted compound bow with moonlight arrows or a logan's cat. Personally, I prefer the bow because it has tons of ammo and great damage with 50 int.

Other than that, it looks great.

*Insert facepalm* i've been using a Magic +10 long bow, with feather arrows(all i had to carry over from previous game), and was only hitting like 110-120 if i was lucky, i was starting to think there was no hope for bows for me, but with your input there might be *high fives*

I'll leave the dex at what i made changes to and stay at 125, may not be a high increase in dex but it adds a minimal amount of dmg to the scythe, and i'll put my bow back in place of my 2nd tin.

Thanks sooooooo much !
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Yeah, the only bow that hits better than the enchanted compound bow w/ moonlight is the occult compound bow w/ moonlight. They should do about 300 damage for small mobs. Even without moonlight, they do good damage.

And you're welcome. I'm glad I could clear that stuff up for you. :)
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I'm just gonna talk about spells and weapons.

First spells should be:

2 Dark Bead
2 Crystal Soul Spear.

Soul Spear is for long range when they are running in a straight line. Dark Bead is for up close.

Pursuers is crap. VERY long casting time and it takes no effort to dodge.
Homing is the same, quicker casting time, but takes no effort to dodge.


Your catalyst should be Manus Catalyst and should ALWAYS be equipped in your left hand. It keeps your opponent on their toes because you can cast your spell any time

Seriously I see people all the time switch in for their catalyst/talisman/Glove and I know exactly what they are going to do.
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@Viking: I'd disagree about pursuers. He has a high pressure weapon (scythe), so as long as he can get it off, he should be able to score some hits since the main percieved threat will be the pursuers.

Second, I highly disagree. Even at high str and high int, it's spell damage and regular damage are still mostly crap. Maybe if it didn't copy the tcc, it would be good. But no, it sucks. Great in theory, but crap in practice. The only thing it has going for it is that it's slightly faster than the other great axes.
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At 40 STR and 40 INT I was one shooting people with up close Dark Bead. Max levels would die in about 2 up close Dark Beads.

I can honestly say I have never legit-ly hit someone with Pursuers and nor have I hit anyone with it. All it takes to dodge it is roll/flip close to a wall or corner and even if you pressure with weapons both with end up being dodged.
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As good as dark bead is, I would not recommend TC get the Manus Catalyst over pursuers. TCC puts out more magadjust and doesn't require strength for two spells to do more damage. As it is, the only reason he would use Manus Catalyst is to better one shot people using his dark bead/pursuers or to have an extra move on his catalyst when an enchanted compound bow does just as much damage, iirc.
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