Your hardest and easiest boss.

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3 years ago#1

Currently on my first playthrough and wondering everyone's choices. Pinwheel doesn't count.

Hardest - Gaping Dragon (first few tries I derped)

Easiest - The Four Kings (Was completely terrfied of the idea, hated going through New Londo and in my opinion it has been the hardest area of the game. The boss was disappointing in my opinion.)
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3 years ago#2
Hardest - gwynn (I didn't know how to parry or fast roll)
Easiest - Priscilla.
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3 years ago#3
Hardest: Bed of Chaos. Died so many times on that.

Easiest? Capra Demon. It wasn't even that different from a heavy enemy.
3 years ago#4
I haven't fought them all yet (just have New Londo and the Catacomb path to complete)

Hardest: Ornstein+Smough (maybe I was just doing it wrong, but I could not find a single safe opening to attack either one D:)

Easiest: Sif

Hardest: Priscilla

Easiest: Iron Golem
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3 years ago#5
1st playthrough hardest seath. had no curse resist. easiest capra demon. blocked everything he had
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3 years ago#6
Well, my first playthrough I had a lot of trouble with S&O (I hadn't ever upgraded my weapons...) but after trying so many times to beat them they seem pretty easy now.
On a non SL1 run, I don't really think any of the bosses are very hard once you know what to do. Really, I find the titanite demon in that room in Anor Londo more intimidating than any of the original bosses. Counting the DLC bosses though, I did find a decent challenge in Manus.

Easiest boss is fairly easy to pick; I'd go with Ceaseless Discharge since you can kill him without a single attack.
Runner-up: Iron Golem, it's too easy to knock him off the bridge
Runner-runner-up: Gwyn, equip a target shield/buckler and this is a ridiculously easy fight, very underwhelming for a final boss.
3 years ago#7
Most frustrating - bed of chaos

Holy flying FJIOFUSHFS does this boss require no skill, for my build dat knockback on my shield...
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3 years ago#8
Easiest -- Asylum Demon ( that one is practically a gimme)

Hardest -- Seath the Scaleless (on account of trying to cut off that tail of his)

Do DLC bosses count?
3 years ago#9
This is a tricky one for me but surely the hardesr boss overall has to be Bed of Chaos, BoC is the only boss that I haven't beat "first time" (per playthrough).

Honourable mention for The Four Kings. Their ghostly lag-esque movements still throw me off and makes dodging a pain.

Easiest is Taurus, hasn't killed me since my first playthrough.
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