is there a better catalyst then logans?

#11X-PICU-XPosted 2/26/2013 9:59:06 AM
haarlem1982 posted...
For pve: below 40 int, Beatrice's, above 40 Logan's

For pvp: Tin Crystalisation.

this is the best answer so far, also don't cap int at 50, leave it at 44 for CSS unless you want to use white dragon breath. Spend those 6 points in something else. As for weapons always go for +15 if you gona buff, otherwise I would go +10 magic or +5 enchanted depending on dex or str. Remember to add dusk crown & bellowing dragon ring.
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unless you want to use white dragon breath

With as awesome as wdb is, you should always want to use it.
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Why is Beatrice's regarded as best under 40? What about the Izalith catalyst which has the same stats but better durability?
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Tin Bansihment Catalyst is superior for black magic and only when Dex is very high. I have a NG+ build where INT is 50 and Dex is 45. With my Tin Banishment Catalyt and other magic boosting accoutrements I have and two shotted PvPers with Persuers and/or Dark Bead.
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