Why haven't we been muling?

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3 years ago#1
I've been out of the game for a long while. Long enough to not even realize that there were new patches and what they fixed. So, when I started up again to mess around on my quality built toon, obviously I started attempting to get the new items and see the new things and whatnot.

This always leads me to start wanting to experiment with new characters, like a 50 strength 50 int caster of the dark magic, and things like that. Being somebody who has finished the game a dozen times, re-levelling isn't particularly appealing. I attempt to BB, patched. Oh, okay. Look around for mules online. They no longer exist, gotcha. So, then I start to do some research. People have to have found something to work around it, and they have...
you can essentially reset saves to before you dropped anything with either PS+ or backing up your PSN and restoring it each time (time consuming if you have many things on your Ps3.

So, my question is why hasn't the parts of the community who think muling is healthy for pvp (of weapons and souls, not so much things like divine blessings) been doing this? I'd really like to get this rolling once again, but obviously need help, or a point in the right direction. I have PS+ and a bit of free time here and there, and if we make a community for it, the 24 hour wait on the PSN won't even be detrimental. Especially when we involve people with a full stable of mules.
3 years ago#2
People have been doing that, which is why every so often you will run into someone who will randomly drop you a large stack of manus souls.

Mulling is time consuming, and if you were around for previous mule threads, can turn into a mess when dealing with a "community".

Plus with the bb glitch gone from game, that kind of save manipulation feels an awful lot more like cheating.

You might be better off getting together with another friend or a few friends and setting something up.
3 years ago#3
Add me: (MoonGloom)
I mean even if you could connect those dots, which I don't think you can, what kind of picture would you really draw?
3 years ago#4
Yeah, I guess I could see that happening, and it is pretty time consuming, but I think it's a pretty worthwhile thing to facilitate a more solid pvp community until Dark Souls II drops.

That said, you're probably right. If anybody is interested in getting involved in something like this more privately, please either post here or send me a PM? I'd like to get SOMETHING rolling.
3 years ago#5
There's threads on other forums.
Chikubi ga itai. Hontou ni- Mattaku kayuku itai. Bakuzen to aamondo to niru...
3 years ago#6
Oh? The biggest one I had known of is defunct now. Probably a super secret thing, or something. :O
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