Ricard's Rapier is the ultimate boss killer

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2 years ago#41
Arc166 posted...
6 hits? That's... nowhere near as fast given the difference in how fast these two weapons swing. I've used Bandit knife, and it is nowhere near as fast as Ricards R2-R2.

I kinda wonder how strong this could be, if I didn't have pitiful dex, and could remember where the +15 ember is. Right now it's still nowhere near its full potential.

I'd have to ruin my build to find out though, and also get the Dragonbuff to stack it, both of which I ain't doing.

+15 ember is in NL Ruins, go get it son!
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2 years ago#42
Ah, I did, a little while ago. Then got it to +13 and ran out of slabs/chunks/something. Then I stabbed Andre.
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  3. Ricard's Rapier is the ultimate boss killer

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