Dark Souls 999999999 souls + bottomless box glitch activated

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shinshinshin88 posted...
Aporia_Mage posted...
What would be more useful: All character slots filled with common character classes: pyromancer, cleric, bandit, warrior, wanderer.

Ok, so everyone would look the same, but this would make pvp appealing again to many.

with all that souls u can have char with max stats so class wont matter

in case you're wondering why people are lol'ing at you, it's because people don't want level 700 characters. they want to stop around 125 tops, so the different initial stat distributions are important for optimizing your build. would you pick "resistbro" as your starting class and start with 20 points in resistance?

no, no one would.

that being said, thanks for knowing nothing about the game and introducing edited save files. should be good for the community.
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D'oh, I was really hoping this would work. I just want to have one offline playthrough where I have like all the best stuff and see if I can get past NG+7.
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I downloaded this and my computer exploded. I think it screwed up my phone too.
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Spent forever trying to get it to work, but every time, it still says corrupted. I downloaded ps3 resigner, resigned the save using .sfo to a new psn I had just made and still nothing.

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