Was this game really hard for you?

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3 years ago#1
Was this game really hard for you? - Results (101 votes)
30.69% (31 votes)
69.31% (70 votes)
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Just want to know because my friend complained about it and sold this game to me. lol
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3 years ago#2
Not, really

but it did play demon souls before, so this was like second nature to me.
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3 years ago#3
marioparty17 posted...
Not, really

but it did play demon souls before, so this was like second nature to me.

Same for me, well outside of the usual suspects for annoying bosses.
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3 years ago#4
Not even nintendo hard.
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3 years ago#5
Your friend sounds like a soggy walnut
3 years ago#6
R1masher posted...
Your friend sounds like a soggy walnut

This. This game can be challenging, but it shouldn't be THAT hard. Just take a few deaths per area on average and you'll get the hang of things.
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3 years ago#7
Well, it sounds like your friend found it frustrating. Not uard. Frustrating would makw you super upset and ditch the game. Hard means its a challenge. The game is challenging, but its meant to be so it shouldnt make you rage too much.
CoD is a good game to rage in. Its easy but you still die a lot so its annoying.
Contra shouldnt make you rate. Its super hard so dying non stop is expected. This game is like contra... nut not near as hard.
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3 years ago#8
It's challenging, but not as hard as as Demons Souls, and most of us played that first.
3 years ago#9
It was challenging, but not as gratuitously difficult as I was led to expect. That's not at all a bad thing though, as the lack of ridiculous difficulty was due to the fact that at most times, the game felt like it was going out of its way to be fair. Enemies and bosses typically have long, obvious tells for their attacks and give plenty of time to react, and the weapon styles feel fleshed out so that many different playstyles are viable. Unlike a game like Ninja Gaiden 2 where on the harder difficulties it just felt like the game was trolling me with cheap nonsense and a terrible camera.
3 years ago#10
No. I'm used to playing much harder games. The only serious difficulty I've had with the single-player is a few instances of finding where to go. The longest I was stuck where combat is concerned was a few hours against the Ceaseless Discharge which I fought the hard way immediately after Quelaag when I had been fat-rolling through everything previous.
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