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3 years ago#11
Sounds good I'd take that in trade for the Sif soul then.
PSN: Bangladesh21
3 years ago#12
Blackfire needs to use the Red Soapstone.
PSN: Gixen99
3 years ago#13
I don't have red soap stone yet.
PSN: Bangladesh21
3 years ago#14
Ok, I summon you and you give it to me and I'll give it to him to give to you to give to him to you to him to me and I'll give it to me.

Psn XxpoopyballsxX
3 years ago#15
Yeah I've got gywndolin's set if you want that
3 years ago#16
You'd have to grab the red soapstone from painted world first apparently if you want it though. But let me know if you decide to do that cause I can meet you somewhere and I'll just give you the entire Crown/moonlight set. Also I think you should probably ignore poopyballs over there, I hear he has a rep for stealin' peoples goods.
3 years ago#17
R1's a pretty cool guy. I've never heard of him doing that. It's ORB/A_ak who does that.

I'd still suggest he just gets the soapstone though. Much simpler and he's getting a good deal here.
3 years ago#18
Ah, my apologies then, don't mean to slander =P

Also, still looking for a gywn soul then. So if anyone else has one they would like to trade away let me know.
3 years ago#19
Add me on PSN and we can work something out.
PSN: Bangladesh21
3 years ago#20
Bump, still looking for a gywn's soul can trade just about anything for it. PSN is Opossumm. Let me know what you want for it
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