Anyone up for an Artorias and Gough/Ciaran co-op run?

#11Phantom0708(Topic Creator)Posted 3/21/2013 8:21:13 AM
dantedeschain13 posted...
My PVP build is a Ciaran one, so hit me up. PSN W-Lrd_GreyWolf, SL 128. If we are going legit, no more miracles I guess :P

The SL of my Arty is 112 at the moment

Also, I use wrath of god to mimic Arty's buff shockwave

Anyway, to everyone who wishes to join, I'm gonna need to know which Knight you are playing as, (Ornstein, Gough, Ciaran, maybe another Arty because why not)
GT: Devilwillcry42 PSN: Raidoukuzunoha42
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