Your favourite / least favourite boss fight. DLC included

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User Info: QcSp0rts

4 years ago#1

Favourite Solo : Manus / Kalameet
Favourite Coop : Smough & Ornstein / Seethe

Least F. Solo : Bed of Chaos / Centipede Demon
Least F. Coop : Sif / Gwyn
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User Info: PHoToS999

4 years ago#2
Least: Capra.
Why? Because it's so unimaginative that it requires two dogs to make it hard. As well, the arena is just poorly designed.

Favorite: Gaping. Dat cutscene, the way they reimagined a corrupted dragon, the strange attacks, the channeler, everything.
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User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#3
Best: Smores and Einstein. It's just more fun than the rest.

Worst: Bed of Chaos. It's essentially a puzzle where ******* up kills you.

User Info: QcSp0rts

4 years ago#4
Yeah I agree on the Capra boss fight, I was thinking of putting it up there. But the Centipede Demon fight is so lame I had to give it a mention
PSN : QcSpOrts
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User Info: TILlegion777

4 years ago#5
Favorite: Ornstein and Smough (Sif/Arty are close behind)
Least Favorite: Gaping Dragon (Guardian close behind)

For some reason both Gaping and Guardian kick my ass. I don't really have trouble with any other bosses. :/
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User Info: Lutecat

4 years ago#6
Favorite: O&S
Least favorite: Those wheel skeletons down the well in Painted World

User Info: d3dsight

4 years ago#7
Kalameet is far and away the best boss fight. BoC is the worst of course.

User Info: DJ_0000

4 years ago#8
Best is Artorias because it feels rather duel-like, worst is demon firesage because it's just same re-skinned, crappy boss you've fought twice before.

User Info: AIreadylnUse

4 years ago#9
Artorias I imagine. I still need dlc but I loved 1-3 1-4 boss fights from demon's. I'm a big fan of duel-like fights. Currently I'd give it to S&O.

Least favourite is BoC, but it hardly counts as a boss. Actual boss is iron giant. I don't have problems with him but it's an awful fight. The whole grab = instant death thing based on your luck is just lame. Sif's pretty bad too just because of how repetitive the fight is.

User Info: Kandomaru

4 years ago#10
Favorite: Grey Wolf Sif (Iron Golem close second)
Least: Gaping Dragon (Nito close second)
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