Fight club questions

#1baronofsynPosted 3/22/2013 5:53:36 AM
Where do I find out where/when fight clubs will be meeting? Obviously gamefaqs, but what are the other sites. I'm looking to be more involved in under ground cage fighting, kidding of course.
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baronofsyn posted...

First rule of Fight Club:

You Do Not Talk About Fight Club

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Look on or join some psn chartrooms
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What is a psn chat? How does a psn chat work?
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''Start new chat'' under friends

That's PSN chat. I have no idea how you go about joining the fight clubs. I've used the chat feature like twice since getting a PS3.
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Always thought chat was a no go with dark souls.
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I've chatted during it.
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I'm in a few. I usually just stumble into a group and get invited to join. Good luck!