"if you cant beat the gargoyles, you're gonna have a hard time with capra demon"

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French fry when you pizza, you're gonna have a bad time.
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replicax77 posted...
Capra Demon is the easiest? Someone hasn't made it to Pinwheel yet.

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Devioyz posted...
AsterAzul posted...
The very first time I fought Capra Demon, I got lucky and destroyed him. However, playing the game on NG+7 with a mage, sometimes I have a lot of trouble with Capra, and still die. There's a lot of different things going on in that fight. You can get stunlocked or hedged in. So, I think you had a lucky run.

Everyone's hard bosses are a little different depending on their strategies. I often find that a boss I thought was easy on one playthrough turns out to be really hard on another character.

With my sl 5 mage in NG+4 i pretty much destroyed him without even touching the dogs. Just use hidden body, power within and dark bead + mage gear. 3 shots is all it takes.

Cool strategy! I'll try it next time. I definitely noticed that the dogs ignore you if you go in invisible. Dark bead I haven't been using much, I should do more with it, especially against those fat bosses.
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Torebackula posted...
French fry when you pizza, you're gonna have a bad time.

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SquigglyJustice posted...
Capra demon has always been, for me atleast, all about luck. Whether I make it past the dogs and onto the stairs is all dependant on whether the dogs decide to **** me between them and the fog gate or not. If that doesnt happen capra demon is a easy fight even without plunging attack.

enter fog, stand still, lock onto capra as he comes at you, switch lockon to the dog, roll dodge capra's attack, swing at the dog as you come out of the roll, then go for the stairs and deal with the second dog. with gold pine resin on a +5 rapier i've never failed with this.
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He was way tougher pre patch. After around 9-10 playthrough the last time I fought him I went in at SL15, in base elite armor and dual +5 caestus. I died a few times but I got him in the end. That was awesome and very rewarding.