My first Dark Souls experience

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3 years ago#1
I spent about 4 hours trying to get back about 10,000 souls I got through dying over and over again, and in the end, I lose them all to a freaking normal ass enemy =___=

Also, that backflip move you can do by flicking the stick and attacking has screwed me over sooo many times by me accidentally flicking the stick right before attack. Ugh. Though for some reason, I can't stop playing :|
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3 years ago#2
Curved Swords -> backflip
Rapiers -> backstep
Fist weapons -> knee kick
All other weapons -> kick
a knock, a thud, a tiny...zwoosh, where?
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3 years ago#3
Welcome to Dark Souls my friend. May your experience be equally rewarding and maddening.
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3 years ago#4
Come share more fun stories of your pain. We love them :D
3 years ago#5
Dont worry soon enough youll be rocking a fat stack of humanity with hundreds of thousands of souls and you wont know what to do with it all.

Then, you will look back on losing that 10,000 souls and wish you could go back to that innocent day when you first experienced that blind play through. A single tear will roll down your cheek as you realize it was the best gaming experience of your life. :)
3 years ago#6
10,000 souls?! Holy f*** how do you keep on living let alone play this game.
I couldn't care less...
3 years ago#7
where are you at now?
3 years ago#8
I'm not that much further, but I just found out that you can kick down the ladder next to the bonfire in that first castle like area. =___=

Knowing that sooner would have saved me sooooo much time
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3 years ago#9
Four hours for 10k? Really?
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3 years ago#10
AstroTesla posted...
Four hours for 10k? Really?

Yesh ;D

Actually, my save file only says 2 hours. I dunno why Steam says 4.
" hey meat-kun y you no sig? :| "
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