Hardest overall boss in Dark Souls...?

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User Info: AxelLysander

3 years ago#31
I think he means high poise greatshield wielders that use hard hitting but slow weapons,or that's my take on it anyways.

User Info: Arc166

3 years ago#32
With Tarkus, Arty or Havel's greatshield I can tank the entirety of Manus' breakdance.

He doesn't even hurt me.

I would assume that's what he means.

Also with Havel's his spell where he basically throws pursuers at you does next to no damage.

Doesn't take long to kill as a strength char either; just spam Dragon Greatsword special. Does very high damage to him, is effectively infinite in use with repair powder, and is both fast enough and long-ranged enough to be safe 99% of the time.

Tanking is more or less limited to PVE, since BS>Greatshield/swinging a strength wep, and defense more or less doesn't work at all, but it does work wonderfully for PVE.

Also gets you summoned quick. I assume there are plenty of people looking for a wall.
Four Kings was probably the hardest for me. I've found Kalameet is only difficult if you're trying to cut off his tail.
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User Info: moodyjm2

3 years ago#34
I always think of the traditional RPG tank of aggro'ing and taking damage...and we all know that absorbing damage in DS isn't a good strat :P Ha
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User Info: Arc166

3 years ago#35
This is why you use a shield.

I take scratch damage from everything in the game, effectively without limits.

They also bounce off my shields, giving free hits.

Unfortunately this is really the only way to be a tank in co-op, since the high reqs and weight of a shield eat up your soul levels, leaving you with little left for vit.

I really wish there was more co-op where my tank actually feels like a proper tank, not a piece of paper hiding behind a wall.

User Info: Dagnoth

3 years ago#36
Four Kings makes Dagnoth his b**** D =

User Info: cucumberking

3 years ago#37
Consistently Kalameet. Arty can end me in two seconds if I don't completely focus though.
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User Info: Chao_Yun

3 years ago#38
St0ve1 posted...
Depends on your build. If you are a tank, manus is a joke, but you will find Sanctuary guardian and kalameet to be pretty tough. If your fastrolling dex, Artorias is a complete joke, but manus is really hard. The 4 kings are easy as a tank, but near impossible as a dex charecter. So my final answer is: Foor a tank, probably kalameet, but dex charecter, Four kings is the hardest (just what i found from making both a tank and dodge guy. I said sanctuary guardian just because it is imposssible to hit him if you are a fat rolling tank.)

You can go in the tunnel and shoot him to death. (S guard)
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User Info: Tmk

3 years ago#39
Oh, right, when I said Gwyn without parrying, I meant melee. Magic does make...most everything easy eventually, sadly.
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User Info: Lutecat

3 years ago#40
Capra Demon, followed by actually fighting Ceaseless.
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