Don't you think that NG+ should be all about boss's fights only?

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I want to fight the Four Kings on NG+ at SL 112 but I'm not willing to replay all these levels again to get to the Abyss. Yes, if folks want to level up and farm shards, let them do it. But all the keys and shortcuts should remain (including Lordvessel and large embers). I don't want to fight all the weak enemies again just to get to the boss. I'm playing Kingdoms of Amalur now instead.
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It's called new game for a reason.
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/fail topic
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You only want to fight bosses instead of playing through the rest of the game? Sad... so sad.
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I tried to go back to Amalur after playing this. I failed.
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Should they add a boss rush mode into DksII for Your Majesty?
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Do you not know how to play this game on NG+? NG+ and beyond ARE only about boss fights.

You only have to kill 1 enemy to fight 4K (to give you the key). And he stands still while you fill him with arrows.

I do this every playthrough, in pretty much every area. Now that I've been through the game a dozen times, there are very few places I bother fighting anything.

I can take a base level hunter and have him dropping into the abyss in less than 10 minutes from being dropped at firelink shrine (sans ring, of course).

Sounds like a PEBKAC error.
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