Just started NG++ and I still don't understand weapon upgrades

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I've been running around with a Great Scythe +15 since the end of NG.

So far it's the best weapon I've found, with a couple close seconds, but to the point - do any upgrade paths outclass normal +15? Besides Crystal (which breaks eventually)?

Every time I upgrade a weapon down some other path the damage output ends up being a total joke compared to a normal +15 with good scaling, even at the final upgrade.

What are some examples of enemies with weaknesses I should be exploiting with specific upgrades? What are some other examples of reasons to use specific weapons? ( I did mess around with Server and it's stun lock capabilities are awesome against black / silver knights)

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I missed something here?
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Epic contends that the best weapon is the Great Scythe. I disagree, but that's neither here nor there.
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Seriously the normal upgrade path with good scaling makes all the elemental paths totally redundant, unless I am missing something here. And then of course you can still buff the weapons. What the heck?

Very true and this is my main gripe with the game as it's evolved with all the patches.
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Chao_Yun posted...
Epic contends that the best weapon is the Great Scythe.

Ah, so everyone that agree is a scrub...?
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Ha, it's true though, I never even considered using the GS until I saw that ENB video.

I immediately upgraded it to +14 just to give it a spin, and he was totally right that thing is awesome. Upgraded it to +15 and cruised right through my first NG+ with it. Lifehunt Scythe is even better for bosses that are weak to bleed weapons, but I stick with GS for most of the game.

Problem is that it gets boring so I was looking for some good alternatives, but nothing I had tried thus far could compare to the speed and damage output. I might try using Murakumo on my NG++. Seems like more of a challenge because you have to be patient with the great swords or you're left even more wide open.

Any other recommendations for a STR / DEX build? I am slowly getting my INT and FAI up too, they are both almost to 30.
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Also need to add that I am mostly PvE and not trying to come off as cocky. I get wrecked in PvP still.
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gws0891 posted...
Also need to add that I am mostly PvE and not trying to come off as cocky. I get wrecked in PvP still.

Don't sweat it, on this board you have some wannabes who try to puff out their chest and look down on others for no apparent reason.

The great scythe is a really good weapon for PvE, you're unlikely to find anything better if its moveset suits your style.

If you like it, keep using it. I prefer the scythe myself, but most of my play is pvp focused these days.
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