Just got this game.

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Backstab his accomplice.
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presea_lover posted...
I'm in Anor Londo. Anything I should make sure to do before fighting the boss? I've tried to invade that firekeeper-killing jerk a few times, but he keeps destroying me.

I'm level 50 (from all the crazy amount of souls in Anor Londo) and have:

Black Knight Sword+4
Heater Shield+6 (my main shield)
upgraded Elite Knight Set (+3 or +4 mostly)
Poison Mist
Iron Flesh
Fire Orb
basic sorcery

Any advice on how to kill Lautrec with this stuff? I find that stupid wizard keeps killing me, or Lautrec does his unblockable attack when I'm blocking. I'm also wondering if getting the story item in Anor Londo will prevent me from doing any optional stuff on this run. I haven't been to Anor Londo Ruins, Catacombs or Depths yet, or behind the sealed door in Darkroot.

Do not face the three of them at the same time. Instead, run for the stairs and kill them one by one. Keep repeating this strategy untill victory shows. If you kill Lautrec the other two will vanish.
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I would give you one very useful hint, yup, it's practically useful for any one new to the game

get the RING OF FOG and put in on as soon as possible, this will lower the difficulty of the game considerably as the foes will stop their ambush on you : range attacker won't see you, and normal foes only attack you when you're close enough to them

however, keep in mind that it's useless on boss fight
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I accidentally ticked off the forest guardians, so I decided to just murder them all. I got to the boss of Anor Londo, got killed even with Solaire. Decided to backtrack to do some optional dungeons.

Do I have to use Transient Curse to kill the ghosts? I can't use a specific weapon upgrade path? I tried Cursed and it didn't work.

I almost killed the dog. I thought he would be harder, but a single roll forward at the right spacing puts me past 99% of his attacks. Ranged attacks would make this even easier.
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Yes you can use transient curse to kill ghost
Until the sky turns green, the grass is several shades of blue.