I'm level 124, helping people in the Catacombs beat Pinwheel.

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Seriously, from the start of the game, you can get the Upgraded Flame and most of the best Pyromancy Spells in about an hour or two.

Interestingly you gave no explanation for how you amass the like hundreds of thousands of souls necessary for this.

I suspect foul play.
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Loliberry posted...
I see what is going on here. Troll on.

On an off note, how is this game still alive, hasn't been anything new after Artorias DLC.


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By the way, it really is just utterly nonsensical to pose getting an ascended flame and advanced pyromancies at SL1. I mean really. Going into the Depths and bottom of Blighttown, and farming an ungodly amount of souls. Here's a thought: invest a fraction of that time to farming a Jagged Ghost Blade, easily collect the twinkling titanite to +5 it surprisingly fast, and proceed to obliterate everything through Sen's Fortress with a non-stat investment weapon that has 1.5 weight, and all the souls you save not leveling up strength or dex you can put into your pyromancy flame to get pimped later.
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