Most Frustrating Boss in DaS and DeS?

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i still cant understand why it isnt popular oppinion that astorias is the hardest boss in dark souls.

Because he's not really that hard. He telegraphs his harder hitting attacks pretty badly and his faster ones still aren't so fast that they're difficult to dodge on reaction. His power up ability can be halted entirely just by hitting him a few times.

The only thing that really makes the fight harder is his higher than normal damage resistance, but Manus and Kalameet have that too.

You don't even have to dodge. A good shield totally shuts Artorias out and he can't do a thing about it. vote is for Bed of Chaos. It's not even a fight, and it's just stupid and unfair. The director of the game even apologized for it. That's how bad it is designed.
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Manus is the only one that made me actually draw blood of small animals
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I had nightmares about Flamelurker. After he was done with me, I was Man-Handled by Maneaters (See what I did there?)

As for Dark Souls, it would probably be Bed of Chaos. That jump is just so...argh...Not even the Four Kings come as close to BoC. I can rush the Four Kings and be have that "It hurts so good" feeling.
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